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Is your organization interested in becoming an Assister Enrollment Entity?

Check out these frequently asked questions to learn more about the program, and find out where to apply.

What is an Assister Enrollment Entity?
  • Entities and organizations eligible to be trained and registered to provide in-person assistance to consumers and help them apply for Covered California Health Plans
  • Entities that have access to Covered California’s targeted population(s)
Who can become an Assister Enrollment Entity?
  • Organizations who can demonstrate to Covered California that they have existing relationships, or could easily establish relationships, with consumers or self-employed individuals likely to be eligible for enrollment in a Covered California Health Plan
  • Meet any licensing, certification or other standards prescribed by the State or Exchange
  • Not have a conflict of interest
  • Comply with the privacy and security standards adopted by Covered California as required in accordance with 45 CFR §155.260
What are the roles and responsibilities of Assister Enrollment Entities?
  • Conduct public education activities to raise awareness of the availability of Covered California products
  • Distribute fair and impartial information concerning enrollment into qualified health plans
  • Facilitate enrollment into Qualified Health Plans available through Covered California
  • Provide referrals to Consumer Assistance Programs
  • Provide information that is culturally and linguistically appropriate
What is an In-Person Assister?

  • An individual who is affiliated with an Assister Enrollment Entity that is registered in the In-Person Assistance Program; and trained and certified by Covered California.

How does an individual become a certified In-Person Assister?

  • Individual becomes affiliated with and submits an Application to an Assister Enrollment Entity (AEE)
  • Individual receives LiveScan form and completes fingerprinting process
  • Individual completes required training
  • Not have a conflict of interest
  • Comply with the privacy and security standards adopted by the Exchange as required in accordance with 45 CFR §155.260

Where can I get more information?

Contact the Assisters Program Help Desk at, or by calling (888) 402-0737.

For more detailed information, review the Assisters 101 PowerPoint presentation found at

Click here to view the enrollment form.