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Covered California Releases Statistics for Its Health Insurance Marketplace for Week Ending Nov. 2

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Covered California™ released updated numbers of consumer interest in the agency’s health insurance marketplace and Medi-Cal, with 511,552 unique visits to its website and 49,961 calls to its Service Center during the week ending Nov. 2.

Since open enrollment began Oct. 1, consumers have been shopping for and comparing health care coverage through Covered California, where consumers also can determine if they are eligible to enroll, eligible for subsidies or eligible for Medi-Cal.

For the first five weeks of open enrollment, nearly 2.6 million unique visits were made to The Service Center has handled more than 260,000 calls during the same period, and from Oct. 1 through Nov. 2, approximately 227,002 applications were started.  

Total enrollment for October is scheduled for release next week.

Consumer response to Covered California health insurance plans has been positive. Here’s a sample of what people are saying through post-application surveys and social media channels. 


 “This will change my life for the better!! Can't believe it’s true. As a self-employed person I have been locked out of the healthcare system most people take for granted. I do pay out of pocket for healthcare and feel robbed every month! Thanks Obama!!” — Anonymous (via preliminary enrollment application survey)
 “Simple, straightforward, and intuitive. I haven’t had health insurance since 1985, so this site has made it unexpectedly easy to enroll. Thank you.” — Anonymous (via preliminary enrollment application survey)
 “I just finished the telephone application process … the phone operator was extremely helpful and nice. I’m now enrolled for January 1 coverage. Easy! Just call them. Skip all the frustration. I was on hold for less than 1 minute. So excited. Am self-employed and have been paying outrageous prices with horrible coverage ($6,000 deductible — which I never met because I’m never sick) Thank you!” — Jennifer (via Facebook) 
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