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New Survey Shows California's Uninsured Rate Falls to Another Record Low

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A new survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that California’s uninsured rate had fallen to 8.1 percent at the end of 2015, a full percentage point lower than the national uninsured rate of 9.1 percent.

“Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, millions of people have benefited from the quality health care offered through Covered California,” said Covered California Executive Director Peter V. Lee. “California is succeeding in this new era of health care by using all the tools of the Affordable Care Act — expanding Medi-Cal and launching a state-based exchange that brings quality and value to our consumers.”

The survey comes on the heels of a CDC report last November that had California’s uninsured rate at 8.6 percent as of June 2015. Also, a U.S. Census report in September showed that California had reduced the number of uninsured by more than 1.7 million people through 2014. The reduction was more than 1 million more than the next-closest state, Texas.

In addition to the overall uninsured rate, the CDC survey showed that California is ahead of the national averages in the following categories:

California’s uninsured rate in the 18-64 age bracket was 23.7 percent in 2013 and 16.7 percent in 2014, before falling to 11.1 percent. The CDC says the 12.6 percent drop is the fourth-largest among states during that time.

“We want to thank our thousands of partners who have helped us reach into every corner of the state and spread the word about the new options and financial help that is available through Covered California,” Lee said. “Many people can still sign up for coverage right now through our special-enrollment period if they experience a qualifying life event.”

The most common qualifying life events are getting married, having a child, moving or losing coverage from a job or Medi-Cal. For more information on special enrollment visit: Medi-Cal enrollment is year-round.

Consumers can reach a Service Center representative by calling (800) 300-1506. The nearest Certified Insurance Agent, Certified Enrollment Counselor or Certified Plan-Based Enroller can be found by visiting and searching for enrollment help by ZIP code.

The full CDC survey can be viewed here:

About Covered California
Covered California is the state’s marketplace for the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Covered California, in partnership with the California Department of Health Care Services, was charged with creating a new health insurance marketplace in which individuals and small businesses can get access to affordable health insurance plans. Covered California helps individuals determine whether they are eligible for premium assistance that is available on a sliding-scale basis to reduce insurance costs or whether they are eligible for low-cost or no-cost Medi-Cal. Consumers can then compare health insurance plans and choose the plan that works best for their health needs and budget. Small businesses can purchase competitively priced health insurance plans and offer their employees the ability to choose from an array of plans and may qualify for federal tax credits.

Covered California is an independent part of the state government whose job is to make the new market work for California’s consumers. It is overseen by a five-member board appointed by the Governor and the Legislature. For more information about Covered California, please visit